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Character Interview Part two

I had a thought, while I’m going through and fixing up my second draft I remembered the character interview that was one of the exercises for my writing project class a couple of years ago and I had it on file, I had every little bit of motivation to copy and paste a little bit from it every couple of weeks, but it seems like I forgot about that (oops!). I was digging around on my blog today and I stumbled along it. I feel like it’s the perfect thing to pop up in a pinch. So look out for more of these. I want you guys to love my characters as much as I do and you’ll get to meet them really soon. Here’s the link to the first part.

1. If you could have two whole weeks for vacation and go and do anything you wanted, what and where would it be?

 Lucy: [jokes] Not Egypt again, that’s for sure.

[All laugh]

Lucy cont: Um…if I’d have to pick somewhere I’d say Vanuatu. Purely because it looks amazing. I want to be able to go somewhere and have it resonate with me. I love being able to blend in as much as possible and I think I’d really take to the place.

Travis: The Maldives…have you seen how blue the water is there? I can just imagine doing nothing else by lying around and drinking a couple of drinks and just enjoying the blueness of it all…yes I hate blue, but that place is so beautiful. It’s hard not to get carried away.

Liliana: That’s a really good question, there isn’t a lot of places that I haven’t been, but I would really love to go to Africa and spend some time with the under privileged children there. Marko always wanted to do something like that and I really want to help his dream come true. I know that I want to draw, but I really want to cruise through the areas that need help and show them that they too can really achieve something great if they put their minds to it.

Lucy: That’s a really good answer, Lils…can I redo mine? No? Aww.

[All laugh]

 2. If you had a weakness for one of the seven deadly sins, which would it be and why?

Lu: Pride. Definitely pride. I like to t-

T: Pride, you? No way. I’d say sloth if anything.

Lu: [she glares at Travis] Shut up, this is my question time, you’ll get yours soon, but yes, pride. I think that I let it get in the way of asking for help when I need it, or when I should. I don’t like accepting it if I can attempt to do it on my own. A lot of times that’s why I’ve ended on the wrong ends of things. I like to keep things inside and ask for help when things are past the point of actual helping. It’s a flaw I know and recognise. Okay, Trav, it’s your turn now.

T: [he grins] Why thank you, Luce. My sin would have to be lust.

Lu: [snorts] I’d say wrath if anything, Trav.

T: [sighs] Okay, okay I was trying to play it cool, but I guess that she is write. Wrath would be my sin, I have anger issues and a lot of them are just…too much to handle…I guess it’s part of the reason as to why I am who I am. But a lot of that is also the wolf’s fault.

Li: [laughs] Yeah, blame the wolf, because that wasn’t there before hand or anything. [pause] It’s my turn isn’t it? Um…mines…envy because there are those out there who I actually think are far more beautiful than I am and I envy that, I envy that they have the ability to be so confident with who they are and what they want to do. I know it’s not something that many would even think of but I’ve always had a problem with seeing others around me and wanting to be more like them.

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