The Artist’s Way – Week 7

This week was all about connections and broken down into a dew core topics: Listening, perfectionism, risk and jealousy, which all made total sense and the tasks that came with this week are pretty spot on with helping. It included an archaeology lesson (a bit like taking a look at what’s happening in your life and what you’re grateful for, hello abundance here. A jealousy journal and listening to an entire music album and doing just that, listening.

Morning Pages: Okay I’m going to stop trying to do them every day. I wake up and I keep going instantly to my phone and scrolling vs doing the pages. And even when I really want to do them I can’t. I think this is also because my cat demands to be fed as soon as I get up and I’d rather do it than have my housemate do it. But maybe if I stop trying to do this I just will, you know the whole opposites things.

Artist’s Date: Okay I have to admit I’m getting slack with these, mostly because I forget to actually have them as a concrete sort of date with myself. I know it’s bad. I may need to look at how to do some things. I think I need to start scheduling them in and now that I have a little bit of stability I can do that a lot easier.

Challenges: Again it’s those damn morning pages, but it’s also time and sitting down and doing everything but.

Synchronicities: With my new job I made new connections with people, one of which is a graphic designer, who is so similar in personality and likes a lot of the same music, it’s actually pretty amazing. But right now I’m looking at a lot of my connections and exciting times.

Plus on a side note, I’ve been having tonnes of dreams of late, some of them so vivid that they just won’t leave me alone, but it’s been some time since I had dreams that were this vivid for so long. I’m totally digging it.

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