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With All My Soul

I’ll be the first person to toot this author’s horn. Rachel Vincent is AMAZING. She’s so good that she needs caps. I picked up her first book, Stray, while I was at Flinders and fell in love with her words, her worlds and just her. I didn’t know that she had more books come out after it. So when I found out later that she had released 3 more books I devoured them whole. I fell in love with her writing even more and slowly, bit by bit, I got through book after book.

It’s not a secret, to my friends or most of old classmates, that I love her. I did a report on her creative ways (it takes at least 6 drafts before we even see her novels. How insane is that?) and I’ve pushed almost anyone who loves reading the same books as I do, into reading her novels.

I cried in Alpha, one because it was the end of the series and two because it was like I was now treading some different path, it was without Faythe and her gang and it was damn sad. But through that she wrote about banshees, or bean sidhes, and she did it again. She made me fall in love with the world and the characters.

Today I read the last book of the series.

I’d been putting it off because I had to work, I had uni, I had other books to read, but really I just didn’t want to part with Kaylee, Nash, Tod, Emma and Sabine.

With All My Soul is the darkest book out of the series but it’s by far the best. Kaylee is nearly the end of her journey, she’s grown so much and learned about things that no teenage girl should know. The Hellion of Greed is after her soul and she is determined to thwart him before he gets his hands on her immortal soul. From the beginning it’s what he’s wanted. But she’s not going down without a fight.

Insert the hellion of wrath. Ira. He is charming and I really hated to love him, but he was fantastic and see that he does have a redeeming quality is fantastic. I love bad guys with redeeming qualities. I really love that Kaylee and her Scoobie Gang put their heads together and learn that in order to save those that you love you have to lose something, but you have to be smart about it.

This book had me crying for the last 15 pages or so because I was so upset. I was mad that someone I loved was going to die and I already had chosen who it was going to be but to find out that that got flipped around and was turned on it’s head made me excited.

Rachel Vincent has done it again with yet another one of her beautifully written novels. She has a way of making readers just see what’s happening. It’s what any good writer wants to aspire to do. It’s one of the reason why I hope my writing can get to the standard she has. (Also she needs to come back to Australia and come to Melbourne. I was so sad when she went to Brisbane only!) I’m keenly waiting for her new novels as anyone else should be!

If anyone is looking for a series to read, they need to check out Rachel’s Soul Screamer books. Check her out here.

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