So I mentioned that getting through that first edit was like being in a dentists chair, yeah? I’ve got more to add, but this time I promise it’s good! I […]

I’ve always been told that I do dialogue really well. It’s relatable and easy to follow. I was never taught how to do dialogue, ever. In person I’m actually a […]

So this is the first copy of my draft. It’s taken me a year to write the it from start to finish (the last 53,000 was done for NaNoWriMo this […]

I just felt like i was logging into tumblr when i logged on here…wow. Everything is starting to look the same on the internet…this is not good! Fleeee! Okay rant […]

Bounce Books

  So my amazing lecture and fellow audio editor on From the Courses Mouth, came to me with an offer about an internship, which was hilariously timed, because I was […]

There are things that I really dislike, one of them is thinking too hard about an idea. Ideas for stories, novels, even RP posts don’t come from me dwelling on […]