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Such Different Eats


So I have raved about the amazing Tara Bliss and she has teamed up with her hubby to put together this ah-maze-ing recipe book full of amazing raw recipes. I fell in love with one of Glen’s recipes with my beloved bff, Peta, when we taste tested the raw snickers tart and I’ve been waiting for this book for almost three months! Such Different Eats was dropped a few weeks ago and I hadn’t had the money for it but I threw my name into the hat through the Jen at Wild Sister (check her out, she’s amazing too) and won a copy of this BEAUTIFUL book. I was waiting to head down to Bendigo with to taste test some of it’s amazingness with Peta and boy am I glad.

We made the Raw Pad Thai from the book, with a little hiccup it wasn’t quite so raw (no daikon in Bendigo meant we had to use noodles!) and oh my gosh. It’s amazing. There was a brilliant blend of all of the ingredients and the flavours balanced out marvellously. I also wouldn’t have minded adding more chilli into the mix because, hot damn, it just PERFECT.  All of the recipes are so easy to follow, easy to eat and just a delight on your taste buds. I’m so up to make something else. Possibly the sweet potato gnocchi Tara keeps raving about. I may start converting more of my friends!

There is nothing bad I can say about this amazing book, only that I want a hardcopy of it so I can keep it on my shelf, I can’t wait to try more of the recipes and I fully encourage everyone to head over and grab a copy. You won’t be disappointed.

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