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Social Media Take Down

Hot damn, I read a post by Mel Ambrosini’s hubby-to-be about social media and how it took over his life, and as I was feeling the walls close in around me. I rely too much social media. Every time I finish from the gym/work/appointment, I just straight onto instagram or Facebook, sometimes Twitter. I do it while I wait for the bus to come, I do it while I’m trying to write this post so that I actually lose momentum when I’m writing (oops). I am a junkie.

I know how to stop, but I can’t go cold turkey on social media. So rather than deleting everything I’m going to take time to check them less. It’s going to be a new things I have to find the app for social media shut downs on my mac, that may help too.

I’m going to try my hardest not to fall off the wagon, but I’m curious by nature and I know that it’ll ultimately happen. Hopefully not too often. Here we go. Ps I also just put into my diary that by April 30th rewrites will be done. I only say this because I don’t know how intense B-school will be or how much my muse will suffer. Wish me luck, yeah?

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