Slowing Down

I got a kick to the stomach today.

I thought I was pacing myself, after almost burning myself out over Christmas with the hecticness of retail, I had been taking care of myself, but it was evident today that I just haven’t been. My routine to get to bed earlier, doesn’t really work when I putter around before falling asleep, I’m trying to eat better and exercise routinely but it seems that I’m having no down time for myself.

Following some very amazing ladies online, there’s one thing that they keep chattering about and that’s slowing down. Sometimes our bodies work at full potential for so long and without giving them a break they tend to just flake out. I’m at that point. I woke today at work knowing that it was going to be a bad day. I tried to work through it but it was too much. After spending a good amount of time I found someone to cover my shift and went home. I instantly had some noodles and crawled onto the couch to watch Veronica Mars and nap. I think my body is telling me that the next week is going to kill me. While I need the money, I need to work on me more.

I’m not sure how though. I’m just so exhausted and wanting to do my own thing. I need to do my own thing. It’s hard to make the decision that I’m on the verge of making. Where I want to go and the freedom I crave is scary, but I know it’s going to be worth it.

As for now, I’m going to be spending the rest of the night watching Veronica Mars and tomorrow I’m going to have a day where I focus on me and not much else. I promise to be back with something writerly tomorrow. I have a book I love that I’m going to draw a topic from!

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