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Roll on in 2014

It’s been 2014 for just about 12 hours now, and I’m loving it already.

This is is going to be the year of me. It’s going to be all about busting through resistance, challenging myself, doing something fearful, and just loving myself. I’m not going to make resolutions, because in the years that I did, I didn’t get there. I’m making statements. Last year it was to get fit. I did that, this year, it’s to get fitter.

Last year I said I was going to finish the first draft of my novel. I did that. This year I plan to finish the first draft and rewrites x2. I can do it.  I also plan to write more short stories and finish a novella. I didn’t say that things were going to be easy this year. Oh no, no.

This year I also plan to bust my way through Tara and Rachel’s Spirited Companion 2014. It’s so beautiful and my friend P can attest to that! If you’re looking for a hit to break through everything you’re going through, month by month, this is just companion you need. I’m starting with June and I’m going to damn well bust it out!

Look out for big things, huge things, life changing things. I’m making my life mine and no one else can tell me that I’m too stuck in one thing, because that’s not possible.

Welcome to the new year!blog sig

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