Pulling My Head Out of the Sand

March is crazy. I’ve mentioned this before and while I don’t have uni, it’s still just as crazy. Today alone there is Claire Obied’s 21 days of meditation and the Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted online courses, plus I’ve decided to get my head out of the sand and start the rewriting that I had been so stuck on. 

Yesterday I said, just an hour. Just an hour to get through as much as I needed to. An hour rolled up and I was so close to the end. I ended up finishing the chapter. Chapter 2 is officially rewritten and I actually like it. A lot more than the original. This sort of gave me a lot to think about and more to play off of. I think I was forcing a lot of the elements and trying to fit it into this little box that was the story. I didn’t let it unfold naturally or maybe I had and a lot of that was in the past. I’m moving forward and trying to add all the bits that were strong suggestions by my mentor and mostly it’s easy, but mostly I’m resisting the change because my body is like no. But I’ll get there.

With this month it seems only fitting that I’m breaking down the resistance month. I plan to get a good chunk of everything done, plus learning to actually schedule. This is sort of harder than I thought and I sat down to actually try and do it and got completely overwhelmed, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that there are things in my life that are unknown and while I wait for them to become known (internships, work schedules) it makes it much harder to do. Muuuuch harder. 

Wish me luck. Hopefully big things are coming. 


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