Moving forward

Okay so I love to write. Writing has always been my passion for a very long time and I would love to be able to sit around at my desk, day after day and just right, not do much else, but I know it’s not possible. Not in this day and age, but I work at a retail job that I have for the past 6 years and while I was studying it was enough money, now that I’m not studying. It’s not enough. It’s nowhere near enough. So this soul crushing job just isn’t working out for me, but while I look for something else I’m having difficult trying to find something else.

What I really want to do is have the money to do Marie Forleo’s B-School course. It would set me up for what I really want to do and now, more than ever, I know what I really want to do. It’s been a bit of a kafuffle trying to figure it out, because I love writing, but I really love being able to motivate people. It helps motivate me (and challenges me, if you missed that post you can check it out here). I want to give back to people more than anything and I keep  trying to find ways to do that.

My word for the year was reignite but abundance keeps popping up everywhere I look. Without knowing I keep finding myself drawn to all things abundant. Life. Plants (for the first time I’m managing to keep something alive! Yay!). The world is infinite and I’m trying my best to go out and search. People keeping asking me: What are you doing now? When are you getting a boyfriend? We’re going to find you a boyfriend. What’s new? My answers keep changing. I keep hedging away from these questions because I don’t want a boyfriend right now. What I want is to be happy in my skin (nearly there!) I want to love my life and enjoy getting there. That’s all I want to do. Is it too much to ask? I want to be present. Present in the life that I’ve carved out to live in. All of it. I will be patience and grateful for what I have every day. Living in the moment has never been something that I’ve done. Spontaneity is a bad word to me but I’m working on it. I’m working on getting there so that I can have the life I really want.

First I need to get rid of this soul sucking job, slowly but surely I’m taking the steps there. Are you?

Let me know in the comments if you’re living your best life and how, I want to hear about it to keep me going!

PS I’m sorry I’m still stuck on this. I tend to do that. Bear with me a little.

Mandi is a writer, reader, dreamer and is breaking procrastinating inner editors, one at a time.

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