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Lover Reborn

I’ve waited years for a Tohrment’s book, he is one of my favourite characters and I was so cut when the events that happened early on in the series so much that it nearly made me want to give up thinking he’d be back. Lover Reborn is book 10 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and while many have thought that JR Ward waned a little with her books, I think people are reading them wrong, but that’s just my personal view, others will disagree but I don’t really care, but I loved it.

Lover Reborn starts off right in the middle of the action and almost at the peek of Tohr’s downward spiral where he’s not feeding and brooding night after night, not to mention he’s anger issues. It’s heartbreaking to read knowing that a man who was so strong early on in the series is now not. The fact that he lost his shellan is almost too much to handle in the beginning pages. Once you press on through these pages you learn about NoOne, Xhex’s mother. It’s revealed that Tohr was one of the men that saved her from the sympath who raped her and that’s when things all seem to settle into place. It’s no wonder as to why she’s on the scene. They both have wounds that need to be healed and they only way they can do it is one another, as much as it seems to not work, it needs to happen. And frankly I found the skip of seasons a little jolting at first,but it was something that was easy to get over once you were immersed in the story.

And what a story it was. Tohr’s blatant misuse of NoOne is frustrating enough that I had to restrain myself from yelling at the book because in many ways it’s an abusive relationship where they use one another. It’s perhaps not meant to be portrayed that way and with him bringing her food and taking her out of her rags and into clothes doesn’t make it all better, at least not in my point of view. Tohr has this moment, after a huge fight, where he realises what he was truly blinding himself from. He is in love with NoOne and she is in love with him, the fact that he pushes her away from him is proof enough and that fact that he’s too scared to even touch on that makes him, in my eyes, a little cowardly. It was probably the most infuriating moment of the book for his story.

I didn’t like the fact that Xhex and John Matthews were already having problems, not long after being mated to one another, but I did get it. I think because I have a character in a relationship where the predicament Xhex and John are in would actually happen, I found while it was frustrating I understood that it was necessary to the story. I do like that they managed to find a happy medium where they both were able to get something out of the relationship.

The part that i was so frustrated with the Blaylock and Qhuinn. I loved them as the not-couple of the series but Qhuinn’s decision made me incredibly anger at him. He needs to learn a little before leaping. Especially now that Qhuinn is going to be a father. A decision that was made in the heat of a sad moment. Terrible but i do look forward to seeing how it will work out for him.

I also realised how much a care little for the other soliders, so much so that I keep forgetting about their names, that’s not really a good thing, but i find them annoying and i had to keep skimming over that part of the story, it got a little interest when there was the prospect of mutiny…but then it stopped. Not so fun.

Ward’s writing style is one that has always captivated me and with Lover Reborn I was not disappointed. I was struggling to put it down. I just had to know what happened next and the characters haunted me while i was sleeping. If an author can achieve that then they have successfully written an amazing book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I’m only hoping that Qhinn and Blay’s stupidity will finally come to an end in Lover at Last. If not i will have to throw the book at my shuttered windows.

And that’s my take on Lover RebonLover at Last is due out for release in under 10 days! This is exciting. But next up is With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent. I just need to get a hold of it!

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