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Declaring My Dreams

I had a great day yesterday. I got up, blogged, wrote, chatted, pulled an oracle card out (I lovelovelove  my mermaid deck) and meditated, all before I left to go to my retail job. It made working a literal breeze. It was probably one of the first times where I really sat back and saw that I could really achieve when I’m in the right state of mind.

It was beautiful and I want to keep it but I want to leave my retail job. I really need to.

By June or July I want to be done with this retail bull. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the people I work with, but the jobs and tasks are just soul crushing. They suck the creativity out of me so much that when I get home all I want to do is eat ice cream and watch something mindless.

So after the day I had I decided that going to the gym would be great and I had intended to do my treadmill work last night but for some reason (beside it getting darker earlier now) I have this burning desire to get home. So I call my mum and was chatting to her. I’ve been on the fence about B-School (not the actual course, but which offer to take) and I had asked Rach at In Spaces Between a question or two but there was this half done email to Tara at Such Different Skies sitting in my drafts and I knew I had to finish it, basically it was sent a couple days ago where I was like okay I have one more question to ask and rather than bugging Rach again, I sent it to Tara. So I came home and found that I had a lovely email back from her.

But wait.

It wasn’t just an email.

It was a video.

A personally made video to me.

I cried. I’m not going to lie. I’ve been blazing through on my own for so long and all of my gorgeous friends tell me that they’re proud of me and that means the world to me, but getting this juicy video from Tara telling me that I’ve inspired her because I plucked up the courage to face my fear in emailing her, made me world just…spin.

I’m running off pure happiness.

I’ve made my decision, but also on her blog today she gave thanks to B-School and a link back to her dream declaring vid and while I can’t make a vid because my housemate is around (one scary step at a time, I will make one, just not right now!). So I’m declaring what I want.

I’m a writer.

But I want to be a writing coach. I want to help others find that spark inside them and use it to write something amazing. I want to be the shoulder they lean on because that makes me excited. I love bouncing energies off others and using it to inspire me. I want to inspire people. I will inspire people. I’m not sure where else to go from there, but I want to make it happen. I want to help bring fear binding women and men out of their comfort zone and make them write those books, help them get a standing point and educate them about how things can go for them.

Are you guys coming for the ride? It’ll be worth it.

Mandi is a writer, reader, dreamer and is breaking procrastinating inner editors, one at a time.


  • toconnell88

    Hah, awesome! Our latest posts are both about realising dreams and drawing lines in the sand.

    That’s great that you’re receiving positive reinforcement. Well-deserved! Your enthusiasm/hysteria is very sweet 🙂

    I think becoming a writing coach is a great idea. Based on the way you organised the NaNo write-ins, I’d say you’d be great at inspiring others. Go for it, writer!

    • toconnell88

      Also, if you’re free this Saturday some of my friends and I are having a BBQ in Clifton Hill. (One of them tutors creative writing to high school kids. Talking to her might be worth your while.) Email or PM me on Twitter if you’re interested!

    • Mandi

      This officially makes us friends FYI. Hahaha. Thanks, though, I can only hope that more comes out of it. I’m totally going to be recruiting early 😛 Want to do Nano again? I think you doooooo!

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