The Process

First Drafts Frustrations

I have a love hate relationship with writing first drafts of anything. I have written about it before over here and it’s a topic that I will never get tired of […]

Creativity: The Monster That Is

Creativity is always changing. It’s beautiful and dangerous. It’s never tied down and it’s ever flowing, but do we always listen to its call? Many of us don’t like to […]

My Writing Ritual Practice

And it’s another year! Yeah! Bring it on. I’m really excited about the year that’s about to come. There are so many great and exciting things I have in the […]

Writing Process

Thanks to the gorgeous soul that is Steph, I’ve got another blog hop. I sort of love these, purely because I have the chance to write more about my practice […]

Rise Up: Going Pro

When do you sit down and call yourself a writer? A serious, no bullshit, fucking writer. Some never do it. I know I already did. I admitted to it, while […]

fiction vs nonfiction

So I learned something really powerful. Nonfiction absolutely hates me. I mean I like the idea of it and but it just doesn’t like me. And I only say that […]

Writing Schedule

Okay I’m putting my foot down and starting a writing schedule. I haven’t done it in the past but I’m going to have to learn, I’m getting sick of this […]

A few weeks ago I went to a lunch with some beautiful ladies from the Bright Eyed And Bloghearted course and I was initially very terrified. I didn’t know what […]