The Artist's Way - Week 2

Ahh Week 2, here we are. This week is all about Identity and recovering it. The topics were pretty rad this week, they included: Going Sane, Poisonous Playmates, Crazymakers, Skepticism, […]

Embracing what you have

  Just as a side note, before I start today’s blog post, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve moved over to a new place. I’m now a dot com and I’ve […]

  So I never realised that I was a stickler for rules until I was coerced into reading a book for uni. It was a Cormac McCarthy novel that I’m […]

So today is the start of a new week,¬†one where I’m committing myself to getting back on top of my blog schedule. I was feeling burnt out because I was […]

I have a confession to make. It’s been playing on my mind a lot lately and I think it’s time to fess up. I’d love to say that I’m always […]