Dead Letter Circus

  Today’s blog post is supposed to be about the writing progress (I now have more than 1600 words towards my novel and I epically wrote 1400 on the way […]

Following my Dreams

I vowed to stop doing writing and reading when I eat, it’s not very beneficial to being present in a meal, but sometimes I get the most vivid of ideas […]

The Bottom Of The Well

  For weeks I’d felt like something was off. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was having random chest pains from the stress at work and the stress […]

  So I never realised that I was a stickler for rules until I was coerced into reading a book for uni. It was a Cormac McCarthy novel that I’m […]

  My happy place has always been the beach. I learned this as a teenager and I’ve been dreaming of getting down to the beach, but I don’t have a […]