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Bright-Eyed and Blog-Hearted

Bright-Eyed and Blogheared

In March I joined up to both B-School and another e-course. Bright-Eyed and Bloghearted came onto my radar via the gorgeous, Rachel McDonald, and I was floored, a little hesitant, but I knew that it was calling me to do it. I needed to do something that would give me something back.

You see, this is not the first blog I’ve start, or kept up with. It’s one of the many. I had a blogspot blog when I was in my teens, roughly about 10 years ago when blogs started getting really hot, I had an English teacher who encouraged us to really look out into the net and find blogs. I stumbled along The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and was fascinated, even the Bagdad Diaries. Freedom of speech was a new concept to me and to find them online and in such a way that was so accessible was mind blowing.

I didn’t have to think twice about getting back into blogging. I have always loved it, but for the first time I really had a heading. I wanted to bring a blog all about writing and mix it up with stuff from my life. I wanted to make it personal and accessible to others. I want to inspire someone to sit down and start one with me, or write, or just read. I know that some blogs have helped save me and while I like to keep to my bubble, I have read many and fallen in love with lots.

Rach’s BE+BH course is one a a kind. It’s unique, juicy and really very cool. I have loved every minute of it, even if I haven’t completely finished all of the modules (I have everything printed off and downloaded all of the audio). I’ve made some friends with people I wouldn’t have thought I ever could and they are great and believe me, the Facebook group? It. Blows. My. Mind. Everyone is so willing to help, give opinions, they help with the ups and they help with the downs. It’s seriously one of the best communities I’ve seen.

So what am I doing talking about this? I’m glad you asked. Rach is running her course again. That’s TWICE in one year (she’s such an inspiration!) and I’m here to help push you over to that there. I’ve signed up as an affiliate for Rach and through my link you’ll help me, help you! But to entice you have some gifts for you.

What you’ll get:

  • Two session over skype with me (text, talking, whichever) to help you find out what you want to do with your blog.
  • Help setting it up.
  • Unlimited amount of support through the material.
  • A chance to be one of my affiliates, when I get my sidebar up and running.

So here’s all you have to do. Click my link and join the community. You’ve got until the 24th of July to join up and I assure you, it’s very worth it. If you have any questions, feel free to email me mandi(at)dreamingfullyawake(dot)com and I’ll help in anyway I can. You’ll also be helping me out, I’m an affiliate and testing the waters here.


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