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So my amazing lecture and fellow audio editor on From the Courses Mouth, came to me with an offer about an internship, which was hilariously timed, because I was about to ask her about starting the process to trying to find the perfect place to intern at. I hadn’t really had an expectations and really didn’t want to do much but learn as much as I could. Hell i didn’t even care if i didn’t do that much writing, i just wanted the chance to be able to get out there and make some contacts. Little did I know that Alice would be giving me the best opportunity i could have ever asked for.

Bounce Books are a publishing company who focus on coffee table anniversary books and have their offices not very far from where I live, which is amazing to me. Neil, the owner and writer of the company, is a cooky kind of guy. He’s so laid back and on the ball I feel like I’m in awe every time I step into the cute office. Besides Neil, my supervisor, Miranda, who is the product manager, is amazing. Along with her dog Aston (we have bonded over our mutual love of Aston Martins) she is so easy to get along with and they both making waking up in the mornings to go along to my internship.

I have only been in the office a few times but those times have been so great. I’ve written up notes, done sales research and as well stare as number research and the novelty hasn’t worn off. The thing that stands out for me, so far, is the fact that I got to look at the book

that is on it’s way to being ready. I mean Proof Reading is not what i want to do, bu damn…this was pretty. Tomorrow I go back after being home for two weeks and I am excited that i get to get my hands on proofs and get trained on how to do it. It makes all this study so worth it. It’s also really great to hear from my supervisor and my lecturer that they love having me around. I am a little excited for this. I’m not going to lie.

Maybe if writing doesn’t pan out for me I can stalk little publishers and beg them for work experience. Ahaha.

Oh! Together with Megan and Peta I’m one of the three official student bloggers on the official BWAP Blog. I am all about getting experience under my belt for these things.

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