8 Must Listen To Podcasts

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the spoken word, which is weird because I love reading, I love listening to music, I love being completely enthralled by people and what they do, but I never really put it together. I even work on a podcast for students and stories. 

But it wasn’t until I sat down and decided to start listening to The Brave Exchange by Lucy Bourchier (who is a lovely Bloghearted lady!) that my love affair with podcasting really ignited. It’s made driving places easier and I hardly notice the traffic because I’m listening to some juicy words, although it does probably make me look a little crazy to others when I laugh.

So I’m going to give you my favourite 8 must listen to podcasts and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Podcasts seem to be the in thing right now and that’s no surprise with some of the amazing out there. As I’m discovering more and more I’m going to keep a nice little tally of them and munching through them in succession. What I’m really hoping to find is more writing podcasts to share with you. So far I have about three in the list below, but I want more. There’s something so gorgeous about the writerly insides of other writers being on show in spoken words versus being written down.

Each of the podcast that I’m going to recommend have creative entrepreneurial roots (except for Radio Headspace) and each of them had made me really excited and got me sitting down, working on my business and making it better. It’s pretty huge.

The Brave Exchange


Lucy Bourchier has a beautiful arrangement of guests that are go getters and experts in their fields. Some of the conversations she has are truly amazing and give way to LOTS of aha moments that are so simple! Like seriously Denise Duffield-Thomas? Tara Bliss? Amazing!

Being Boss


This podcast is by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson and it’s all about being boss, they talk about everything creative entrepreneurs can talk about and it’s done in a way that is so down to earth it actually keeps you listening. I managed to binge listen to all of their podcast in like 2 weeks. That’s how amazing it it.

Magic Lessons


This one is by Elizabeth “Beth” Gilbert and I’m still a little up in the air about this podcast. It’s probably one of the last ones I listen to because it’s short. I think the podcast is in conjunction with her new book that’s coming out very soon. I like the conversations Beth has with the people on it and it’s exciting but it doesn’t grab me the whole time. For someone else they may be falling over themselves to listen to it

One Part Podcast


This podcast actually took my by surprise. Because her first guest is a beer extraordinaire and I was like…I like beer but enough to listen to a podcast about it, but she asks the right questions that actually has you listening in intently and taking notes. There was much juiciness in that first podcast that is has me leaning into her for so much more.

Make it Happen


This podcast is amazing! Jen Carrington has an array of guest who are down to earth and had me thinking right away. Her guests are awesome and her second podcast (her first wasn’t working on iTunes so I listened to the second one first) she and her guessed talked about not worrying about traffic when building your site…how amazing is that?

Hot Copy


This one, oh gosh, I actually found as a surprise when it popped up. Lots of people I know adore Kate Toon and to be honest, I only know her as a copy-writer that lots of people use, I didn’t know much about her but her and Belinda Weavers are co-host on this podcast that is all about copy-writing. They have some really amazing tips and tricks for people as well as a really great chemistry that keeps me smiling when as I listen.

So You Want to Be a Writer


Now I have seen this podcast around because, I follow AWC on twitter and I’m always really interested in its courses but I never really did much. Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait are probably two of of the homiest feeling podcasting ladies out there. I feel like I’m sitting right there having a conversation with them while they talk away. It’s really unique. They talk about all things writing and books, which is really refreshing too and it makes me feel like I’ve come home. I’d also really love to be on this podcast. Just putting the feelers out there. Maybe? Ha!

Radio Headspace


Last but not least is Radio Headspace. Ahhhh I was really excited to find this because I adore the concept and the Headspace app, which have been using for ages, well on and off, it’s nice to get some insights into the brain and all things meditation. Plus it’s really great to hear about Andy’s journey and hear from him throughout the podcast (because it’s not hosted by him!)

So that’s my list of podcasts that I’ve been listening to, do you listen to podcasts? Leave me the names of them in the comments below. Also head over to this awesome lady’s blog (she seems to be inside my head with her blogposts at the moment) and see Chloe’s        list of inspiring podcasts. Two of the ones I’ve mentioned above are on her list and my list got bigger just by looking at hers! 

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