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2013 in review

So like many of the other blogs I follow religiously, many have done a review of 2013 and I think, while I normally do this closer to the 31st, I’ll start now.

At the start of the year I had no plan. I wanted to get fitter (check) and healthier (check) but the main one? It was to finish the first draft of my novel. I had my doubts. I thought i couldn’t do it, but hell i did it. I did it with a month or so spare. I also got accepted into BWAP’s Manuscript fellowship where the head of my course sat down and read my novel cover to cover and gave me feedback. We were able to have a chat about things that worked and things that didn’t work. It was invaluable. Not to mention that I now have a clear heading for rewrites, which I’m trying to get done (first edits are taking so long.) but I’m getting there, that’s the main thing.

But that’s not all I’ve done. I managed to get myself involved with a fair few things at Uni and come out with some great things. I surprised myself in being Editor in Chief for From the Courses’ Mouth and actually managing to pull off the most hectic semester of my life and coming out with a CD to show for it. I’ve done some great things this year.

I’ve also learned a lot. About myself, about my limitations and about how sometimes sacrifices have to be made, but they can’t be ones that change your values. You’ve also got to go after what you want.

And if that means you move to another state and study a degree with hazy job prospects, do it. Life is too short to spend time just watching the days by. I did and it’s the best thing I could have done. My next thing is to take the leap to leave behind everything that makes me unhappy. The only problem is that they’re things that I need. Or so I keep telling myself, one is a money maker for me, and I need that now that I’ve moved in to a new apartment. So that one I’m going to have to bear with for a little longer.

One huge thing i’ve learned this yeah is that some people just are horrible. They’re soul sucking and they masquerade as people who are nice and lovely. I thought I was past the bitchy high school stuff, but life gave me a lesson. One i learned well and while there are people out there who don’t think they’ve done anything wrong, that’s okay but one day they’ll get their wake up call and realise that they’ve done so much wrong, but by then the world would have moved on. When the world throws people like this into your life, all you can do is deal with them and then let them go their own way when they break the ties.

Life goes on. Losing friends is not a huge problem, not like it used to be, if they were lost it means that they were never a friend to start with and I’m okay with knowing that now.


And on that note I want to leave you with this very awesome article on writing a one page synopsis. I used it for my manuscript fellowship application and I think it’s wonderful.

How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and a great new year!

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