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10 people I admire

I’ve put this blog post off longer than I can fathom and that’s purely because trying to figure out 10 beautiful souls, that i admire, is so damn hard. I want to put almost everyone into the mix, but it’s hard, you can’t admire all of the people who you think are beautiful and amazing. So I’m picking 10 very amazing people. Not a very easy feat, I have to say, but I’m going to try. It’s a mixture of people in my life and people who I admire from afar (don’t mix up admiration for jealous, I know I’m trying hard not to do that).

Tara Bliss – This blissful woman (ha pun!) is in one word: amazing. I can’t remember how I stumbled along her (it may have been thanks to Mel Ambrosini, though) but boy am I glad I did. Without her (and Rachel!) I would not have found Spirited, which is the most amazingly beautiful book I have ever read in a while. I’m always really ehhh about self help books and what not, but this book , it’s so damn beautiful. She is leading the life she wants and she is doing it brilliantly. I’m in awe at how much her words resonate with me. Every. Single. Time. She brings out beautiful videos and it seems like every week it’s hitting the right spot. I swear she’s psychic. I’m about this close to emailing her and telling her how amazing she is (part of my fear busting project) but so far not luck. Seriously if you’re in need of something to pep you up. Check her out. You won’t be disappointed. Plus Spirited and the Spirited Companion are AMAZING. I really suggest people go out and buy it if they don’t already have it.

Peta – This beautiful woman is one of a kind. Our friendship is about to go into it’s third year and I could not be more thrilled. She is amazing, beautiful and a gorgeous soul. I’m not sure what my life would be like if i didn’t make the biggest leap of my life and move to a city I’d visited sometimes but never loved. Without her genuine love and guidance (because she has guided me!) I would not be able to do a lot of the things I can now proudly do. She has been a never ending source of encouragement and love. And the one I always turn to when I need someone to kick me in the behind and get rid of the bad juju. Thanks babe!

Rachel MacDonald – So, this Spirited lady is the other half of a power duo who popped up into my life at a time when I needed them and while I didn’t have an immediate pull to her as I did towards Tara, I have taken the time to go over her blog and fall in love with her too. She is a beautiful woman, I feel like (and this may sound silly) but I feel like I’m coming home to a good friend when I open her blog or listen to her words. If you haven’t seen her, or you don’t know about her, you need to go and find out more about her. Click her name, it’ll take you to her site (also Spirited + Spirited Companion 2014 is available if you click the pretty pictures on the side).

Megan  – I was so lucky to find this bombastic woman. Again the move here was definitely a great thing to do knowing that I got to meet her. Being in a new city is scary. It’s even scarier when you don’t know the area or your way around. So I really am grateful for the get together with everyone at Taco Bill’s and the fishbowls, mexican and all of the drinks that followed. It was great to be able to start new bonds and cement them with people who now mean a lot. Megan is always the one that puts things into perspective. It’s what I love about her. On top of that she is this beautiful soul who just gets it. She understands without me needing to say much (and sometimes a lot because I go around and around before I get to the actual place I’m meant to be). With Peta along I almost feel like we’re the three musketeers or something.

Laurell K Hamilton – I am envious of this woman, she works hard for what she’s done and she has done it for 20 odd years and was the first author that I was able to really see working hard. I searched for her online when I picked up one of her books, completely by accident (I bought the first three books as a Christmas pressie for my mum and got stuck into it and then got caught by my mother reading it before it was time to wrap it…whoops) and found that there was this woman, this powerful woman, who was a technophobe and embraced learning how to adapt with grace. It was very much like her series too. That evolved into more. Readers found it harder to swallow and I know that some of the books in the middle of the series weren’t some of my favourites, but she’s found her step again and is pumping out amazingly written books. Sometimes you just have to wait for the good to come. If no one has picked up her books, she was writing a new genre before it all came out. Female lead, detective-esque with a good run of supernatural beings. It’s really fantastic. It also helped bring me other love of writing together.

My Mum – No list would be complete without paying some sort of gratitude to the strong woman who raised me. She taught me from a young age that coming to her about anything is okay. Whether it was people picking on me, achievements or bad things. Somewhere along the lines i forgot about this. As a teenager you go through a stage where you don’t need your parents, I’m sure it was especially harder for her because even though she was a mother to me, she was always like a sister. I watched her put herself back together when my brother fell apart and even at a young age I watched her grow up without her mother and I’m proud of her. I’m proud of the skills she’s given me and the ones that I learned from her (hey who said I was a messy child!). Most of her I’m proud of her never wavering support. When I feel like the world is crumbling or I’m not my best she tells me that I am. She gives me the support that you can’t buy. Without her, I simply wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be chasing my dream and standing up for what I want. I love you, mum.

Rachel Vincent – I’ve spoken about this amazing author before. She is just…there are no words. I’ve followed her pretty religiously and there is nothing that she hasn’t written that I don’t love (although I do miss Faythe!) Her writing seems so effortless. It’s how I want my writing to eventually read and after knowing that she goes through 6 or 7 drafts before the public even sees it is just…phenomenal. It makes me tired just thinking about it but she makes it work. She makes the books well worth it.

My Yiayia – I share my name with my grandma. My full name that means diamond. I’ve always seen her as a stern woman, who told me that naval piercings weren’t for good girls, who scoffed at hair colouring and fed me infinite amounts of food while she told me I was putting on weight. That was until I saw her crumble apart at the seams when my Pappou passed away. He was the glue that held her together. She came from Greece to Australia to make a better life for herself. She met a man, had a family, struggled through post natal depression and helped raise four grandchildren. She is amazing. There is no doubt about that. But I learned that sometimes she needed someone to lean on and I’ve always been closer to her. I was the first one to make her sleep in the bed she shared with Pappou, I was the first one to yell at her when she was being stupid and not taking her anti-depressants (I’m still fighting her on this), I’m the one that, even though i was miles away, I called her to listen to her day. She doesn’t understand but she helped raise me too. She gave me the common sense to watch and wait for people to come into my life. And no matter how much she bugs me about finding a man, I know that she knows that he’s out there waiting. I just have to believe.

Peter – My brother shares the name of one of my best friends (pretty much cements her as awesome) but he hasn’t had the smoothest of lives. He was born with a congenital heart disease that was rare. I think 1 in 1000 kids have it. There has been no medical shows that have touched on it (not yet but House has feature his other disease!) He has always been the shy boy who had everything done for him because he (and me by association) has grown up in a hospital. I’ve watched him live through heart surgery after heart surgery, I’ve sat at home, miles away and waited for news about getting a pacemaker and having been shocked to bring his heart rate down. And even through all of that he has come to grips with being a boy (now a man) that was never allowed to play footie like the rest of the boys his age, or soccer. His heart just couldn’t take it. But then he discovered a martial arts that had him focusing on himself and his confidence and he grew. He really soared and I’ve watched him come to Melbourne to visit me, by himself, and had the most fun ever. He has shown me that even with something that can bring you down, you can still live a full life.

Emilia – Ahh last but not least, I met Emilia when all of my other friendships were falling apart. People were moving on without me and didn’t wan to give me the time or day to listen to me. To understand that I wasn’t like them, that I didn’t have a partner who demanded all of my attention. Emilia and I bonded over sunnies in our Greek class at my first uni and the rest was history. I taught her how get your head on straight at uni and she taught me to open my heart to friendships even when  I thought it was closed. She is one of the one people who i can really be myself around and know that no matter what I say, I will not be judged for it. And I saw a lot of stupid things that could be used against me but she makes sure that they’re not. The hardest thing I’ve done was move away from her. Being in another state and seeing her once when I got back every few months is the hardest. She has always been the one who may not be there in the moment but she is there when it counts. We go out on our girly dates and have awkward moments that are interrupted by an ill time waitress and we can still laugh about it, because she is my soul sister. She is the one the universe gave me in place of a real sister (because hello I only have a brother). She is one of three anyway.

I’m lucky. I have people I admire. People who are real to me. Maybe I’ll do a list of people that I admire for their achievements rather than what they mean to me, but not right now.

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